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"I've been studying teenage girls all my life," he leers."Mostly in showers." But quickly it transpires that Schneider has all the honest self-deprecation you would expect from someone whose acting career consists of contriving extreme ways in which to humiliate himself.Schneider is called upon to peruse the morning papers with Jade from Big Brother. Then he drifts through a string of mediocre impressions, the best of which - Peter Lorre - is greeted with bafflement by the audience, most of whom are skipping paper rounds to stand about making the studio look full.Those youngsters are the ones on whom Schneider is counting to snub The Matrix Reloaded this weekend in favour of his film, The Hot Chick (see Anthony Quinn's review), in which he plays a working-class slob whose body is invaded by the spirit of a schoolgirl, giving him ample opportunity to prance around in skimpy pink outfits that show off his pizza-and-nachos midriff.

"I want viewers to look at me and say, 'My life's s---, but that guy's got real problems." He identifies with Deuce because "things just end up happening to him and he thinks it's going to be great and it's always horrible," he said.

It's clear the two of them are really happy together,” a source told Radar Online.

Since then the couple have remained inseparable despite facing criticism over their 34-year age gap.

Schneider is likeably grungy, and his appeal may come from languishing cheerfully at the bargain-basement end of a lucrative modern genre: the gross-out comedy.

While the Farrelly brothers take the kudos, and Animal House producer Ivan Reitman takes the money with modern variations like Road Trip and Old School, Schneider is content to exhume hoary old gags in amateurish star vehicles.

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It's the kind of raunch-fest made famous by Schneider's mentor and producer, Adam Sandler, although Sandler's persona is more class clown than class wimp.

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