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When a man says that he fell in love with you for you and he doesn't want to change a thing (both the good and the bad) about you, you know that he’s a keeper.

No, this time, we're not going to offer the advice.At the beginning of 2015, Kristen and Shelby began the ultimate dating challenge- one first date each per week for the whole year (with a 2 week exception), for a total of 100 first dates in 2015!! We enjoy the simple things in life – hanging out with friends and family, BBQs, camping, road trips, travel, yoga.I spoke with these adventurous ladies about their challenge, what they’ve learned so far, and how they’re making it happen. I’m so happy to have you here on My Spiritual Roadtrip. We definitely prefer a pub and live music over a nightclub.I like a sweet talker, someone who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind. A woman can sense if you're confident with yourself, confidence sells.You don't have to be the most good-looking guy in the room, but if you're charming, honest, and confident, that's something attractive. Of course, having nerves is normal, but pushing through that is what matters.

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That causes problems for them and the women they're with.

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