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Cynthia is also a regular contributor to She can be followed at @Cindy Leifer.Vaccines are possibly the most important modern medical advance and have saved countless lives.Cynthia Leifer, Ph D, is an associate professor of immunology at Cornell University where she teaches immunology to university students, Ph D students, and veterinary students.

The constantly evolving nature of the flu and its less-than-perfect effectiveness are among the reasons why the requirement hasn't taken root, says University of California San Francisco medical professor Barbara Koenig.

Opponents see mandatory vaccine laws as trampling parental authority.

“What goes into your child’s body—if you don’t have any other right in the world—you should have the right to determine what is injected into their bodies,” said Landee Martin, a mom from Newhall, California.

But for those who have experienced the consequences of a lax vaccine policy, there is no question that there is a need for laws like the one proposed in California.

Chris Loop’s child, Mobius, was one of those who was infected during the Disneyland outbreak, doesn’t see the issue as one of parental autonomy.

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