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When the TARDIS lands in a strange rainforest base engaged in rampant logging, our narrator and his Companions find they've arrived on one of the more bizarre Earths in existence. It is time for the students of Canterlot High to go to their week-long retreat over to Camp Everfree.

The Boov succeed in getting rid of every human in the world and moving them somewhere else so they can live on the planet, but the others will need a little help. And when all is said and done, does it really make any difference? The Fanfic is essentially a reboot of the Captain Planet cartoon, meant to be more realistic, taking place in the modern day, and focuses more on the character development and their relationships with each other as well a more realistic approach to dealing with fighting pollution. Across the world, five young adults face the Corporation's actions, which led to the destruction of their homes.In the near future, a huge corporate conglomerate is created. They get magic rings from Gaia, a mysterious entity that seeks to balance the Earth's problems caused by humans. The void takes them to a world they know as Captain Planet.They then discover that Gaia brought them there to try and sprinkle in some extra competence among the planeteers.

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