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We have rooms for any interest: adult chat, gay chat,lesbian chat and even languages rooms where people can meet and interact with one another.Our online chat rooms have some of the most interesting people that you can possibly meet.Therefore, if you have any indecent images or videos of somebody who is under 18 you would technically be in possession of an indecent image of a child – even if you are the same age.This is an offence under the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988 There are many reasons young people may engage in sexting, whether it is to show someone they care, do something they think the other person wants or perhaps a lack of insecurity may make them want to seek attention in possibly the wrong places.

Estimates suggest online porn addiction and sexting are the number one subtype of Internet addiction.

Police have warned of the dangers sexting can have including loss of control and leaving young adults at the risk of being exploited by paedophiles and sexual predators.

The law is quite clear on sexting and police and the criminal justice system are taking sexting more serious than ever in a bid to try and minimise young people exploiting themselves in this way.

Sexting is the sending and receiving of naked pictures or 'nudes', 'underwear shots', sexual or 'dirty pics' or rude text messages or videos.

This can be via mobile phones, social networks, emails or social apps.

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