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The skin of the Turbo model has been mated to the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4.That means there's a different air dam up front, a squat-looking rear end that is signifi­cantly flared at the rear wheel wells, and a narrow slit of brake lights set above the rear window instead of below.He added: "I don't like censorship at any point, but I am contractually obliged to provide a version acceptable to the airlines."BA issues guidelines to an outside agency, which provides its on-board entertainment, asking it to select films with a "general appeal" to the broad range of ages and nationalities on its flights.Films containing foul language and graphic scenes of a violent or sexual nature are rejected or censored.It's a good bet that any poor sap selling a car with a 32-year-old body will have fingernails approximating Al Davis's festering stubs, a trailer-park address on his business card, and a hellish thatch of strawberries on his knees from all that begging and scraping.The exceptions are persons who sell Harleys, Jeep Wranglers (with their snappy Iwo Jima styling), Zamboni skating-rink ice resurfacers, and Porsche 911s.

Mr Kenworthy said that despite his protests, film producers had no choice other than to bow to airline pressure because of the substantial sums of money involved in licensing agreements.

It has the Turbo's huge power-assisted, four-piston brakes, 18-inch Turbo-look aluminum alloy wheels instead of 17s, and lower-pro­file tires—Pirelli Asimmetrico P-Zero 225/40s up front and 285/40s in the back.

Once again, Porsche has squeezed more power and torque from the 3.6‑liter aluminum-alloy six—from 270 hp to 282 and from 243 pound-feet to 250.

June 21, 2012 An interesting question piqued our curiosity as the year-long adventure with the 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera M491 -- affectionately known as the “ Black Plague” -- comes to an end.

Does it cost more or less to keep a classic car on the road than a modern equivalent?

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The cheapie, if you will, is the best deal: the rear-wheel-drive six-speed Carrera coupe (a Tiptronic trans adds $3591); then come the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 ($74,530), the Targa ($75,245), the ragtop ($77,720), the all-wheel-drive model tested here with the road-racer Turbo body ($78,820), followed by the all-wheel-drive con­vertible ($84,705) and the bad-boy Turbo.

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